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Artificial jewellery designs of swarajshop

Artificial jewellery are jewellery articles are manufactured as ornaments to complement a particular dress or outfits in a fashionable way. It can also be called junk or fake jewellery because it is crafted with the use of other materials other than the original and coated to look like other pieces of jewellery mostly because the originals are too expensive, or other reasons. It is for that reason they can be referred to as counter fits.

Artificial Bangles use copper aloy material


The need to look beautiful was of paramount importance around the Middle Ages and a lot of people could not afford precious articles because they were too expensive; mainly because of the materials that they were made of. In order for the middle class and low class to obtain those objects that will add to their beauty, much cheaper jewellery had to be made which also implied that other materials had to be used. Being that, that was also the beginning of an industrial age so substitute materials that could be manipulated to have some of the characteristics of those jewels were used to create artificial jewellery for those who could not afford the original articles. But those who could afford them got robed, so the originals are mostly kept as collectables or won on rare occasions. Which puts artificial jewellery as the trending form of jewellery.

Artificial jewellery is usually made of glass, metals, artificial stones, leather, paper, terracotta, plastic, other metals and alloys. This characteristic give it other advantages such as:

Artificial Rings


Lightness: because of the materials used to make this jewellery, they happened to be lighter than the jewellery made for rare gems and other very expensive materials.
Variety of colours: most natural priceless gems didn’t exactly have a large variety of colours and also could not be coloured, unlike the artificial jewellery that can be given any colour as determined by the manufacturer.
Flexibility and malleability (which allows different designs to be engrained in the piece of jewellery): because this artificial jewellery is made of glass, metals, plastic, clay etc. they can be melted, carved or moulded into any desirable shape, size, and weight. Other special effect can also be added to it.
Other features such as (glossiness, translucency, transparency etc.) can be determined: the artificial jewellery (especially metal) can be chiselled and san papered to give very fine surfaces that reflect light very nicely, they can also be coloured or coated with other metals or alloys( especially plastic) to allow it glow to whatever extent you want .
Artificial Earrings With Copper Alloy

earrings of swarajshop
Availability: because they are not made of are gems, or precious stones. But of very available or easy-to-find materials which makes it highly available.
Made to suit specific requirements: because it is crafted, it is made to suit the requirements of the crafter.
And most importantly, affordability: because there is relatively high availability and supply of these jewels, they are very much affordable.

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