Yes. Even we have come across such popular websites who take returns till 30 days. We would like to ask a simple question to you. Suppose if they take a return till 30 days, then what will they do with the product returned to them? Will they throw it? The answer is not.

The same product will be sent to another customer. The logic is, its not feasible for any seller to throw away returned product. They will send the same to other customers and the chain goes on. But Swarajshop does not take returns like that and we can always assure that brand new products are always shipped to the customer.

Incase if customers still insist that they need such 30 days no questions asked return facility, then they are always free to buy from the website which gives them such facility. Each and every website has their own terms and conditions and its better for the customers to check the terms and conditions of the website before placing the order.

Normally, we maintain 3 sizes of bangles. They are 2.4, 2.6 and 2.8. But this is just size number and it has no relation with size. Many customers think that 2.6 means 2.6 Inches. This is not true.

The customer can Google Indian Bangle Size Chart and they will be getting help about determining their size. Or they can measure the bangles which they already use. 2.4 are 57 MM inner diameter, 2.6 is 60 MM inner diameter and 2.8 is 63 MM inner diameter. Still if customers have doubt, they can mail us for help before placing the order.

his may happen in two circumstances. One is wrong email id and other is network issues. Wrong email id issue can be fixed by sending us a mail from correct email id about order confirmation. In a case of amount debited without order confirmation due to network issues or because of card issuing bank taking too much time to respond etc, the amount will be automatically refunded.

Incase if the amount is not refunded, then customers can contact us so that we can get it done by coordinating with our payment gateway bank. In those cases, if the shopping cart of the customers has to be restored, they can contact us so that we can help you in restoring the cart and customers need not spend time in adding the products again to cart.

The payments which are debited without order confirmation will be automatically refunded and the time taken to reflect in the account of the customer may take 7 to 10 working days. But customers are requested to send a mail to if they have received no confirmation mail after the payment.

The products are combined with matching earrings only. It’s not possible to mix and match between earrings shown in one necklace set with earrings shown in another necklace set.

Customers, please note that we do make custom designs. Minimum 12 pic.  Give to the wholesale rate. Cont. On Whatsapp no. 8655076261

We sell only products and not pictures. Pictures which are uploaded on our website are meant for viewing the designs only.

In some cases there may be genuine reasons that the door might have been locked or security guard might not have allowed etc… But in most cases, we find that the courier people are loaded with a lot of packages are not able to complete the delivery and update wrong tracking information. We have already raised this issue with them not to update wrong tracking information.


Cash on delivery facility is not available and Swarajshop accepts orders only against confirmed online payment orders.

Yes. Customers need to be alert while making an online transaction. Its always safe to be alert since we are using our hard earned money to buy online. We accept that there are many websites and as seen on TV products which deal with fake products and take money from customers and either deliver them with fake products or empty packages.

But even these websites send products by cash on delivery. Its understood that you are going to pay cash only after receiving the product in case of cash on delivery. But it doesn’t mean that COD or cash on delivery is always trusted method. As the box is not allowed to be opened before paying cash, you don’t even know if the product is inside or they keep any stone inside and collect money from you.. Above all, COD services are not common and not available for every location and it becomes difficult to keep track of service availability in addition to very high cost of COD facility. The very purpose of online shopping is to make products available at reasonable cost and secure.

But in a case of online payment, you always have a bank acknowledgement and proof of payment. Also, for Cash on delivery transactions, no one is going to verify us whether we have a premises or we are doing a business in place.

Whereas to integrate an online payment gateway, bank officers will personally inspect the premises and only after inspection, they allow the payment gateway to be integrated. So comparatively online payment is safer  and cheaper than COD transaction. As regards our website, all orders placed before 4 PM on any working day will be shipped on the same day of order and order status will be updated with shipping details on the next working day at 11 AM. In a case of queries, customers are free to mail us or call us with order numbers at the numbers provided.

IF the product sent is different from what is explained and shown in a picture then it’s possible.  In other cases, We don’t take returns or exchange like that. All the products are described well with dimensions and clear unedited pictures. Photographs are not scaled to size and for this reason, the products are explained clearly with dimensions.

Customers are requested to go through the product description and pictures carefully before placing the order. Swarajshop can give assurance that the products will be exactly as shown in picture and description. But the colour accuracy may slightly vary from the picture because of quality settings of different monitors and displays.

Customers are advised to check the product description and pictures and if they are not sure how these products will suit their requirements, they can send us a mail before placing the order. Customers are also welcome to visit our product store in Mumbai to check the product in person.

We can very well assure you that our site is more secure than any other website as regards payment. This is because Swarajshop never accepts any card details and never stores any card information.

After reviewing order, while customers click the payment button, they are automatically taken to a secure https website. It’s a direct bank payment page. Only after confirming the payment, customers will be redirected again to  website. In a way, we do not know which card you are using at all.

Online payment is convenient and makes the process of order processing and shipping faster. But in certain cases, if this is not possible, then please send us a mail to or Whatsapp no. 9892407671 with your product requirements and full shipping address with working phone numbers. Once we receive a mail, we can update you with bank details for payment.