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The artificial jewelry or the costume jewelry got famous during the 1930’s era. Along with the Gold and Silver jewelry, the artificial jewelry has put it foot step with strong prints in people mind. Artificial jewelry is obviously not the type which could be passed from generation to generation, but people started favoring this concept which is called to be the concept of “use and throw”.
In the earlier period, jewelry was worn by both men & women. There was more of traditional look portrayed in the jewelry design made for the Maharaja’s & the Maharani’s. They decorated them from tip to toe in jewelry.
Once the metal got its space in the Jewelry World, eventually there were many other material with which it was combined to give a beautiful look to a piece.
There was a time where only pure gold or pure silver jewelry were made, but then came a trend where the Gold jewelry were given a different look by adding stones to it. Times changed; and now the trend has been set to multiple fusions creating an exclusive piece out of it.
Apart from the Higher Society people, the middle class and the lower class people were not able to buy the gold jewelry on frequent basis. So imitation jewelry is the one that could be offered to them and were able to buy different pieces.
There also came a trend where people switched from metal jewelry (imitation jewelry), and starting adding a different gaze to it. Different artificial stone (made of plastic) were used for the design of the jewelry. Materials used along with metal were beads, pearls, diamonds, feathers, flowers, animal teeth, etc. Many items were made like Neckpiece, Earrings, Nose rings, Rings, Hair Clips, Dress clip, etc.
Gradually another trend came into picture where the jewelry was made according to the costume match which is called today as “costume jewelry”. People invested more into imitation jewelry rather than the real jewelry. Reason being, you don’t have to invest more into it, and you can get multiple options matching your wardrobe.

There are multiple options available in the market when it comes to Imitation jewelry. You get variety of options in compared to – style, design, color, stones etc.
Now a day’s people are more into imitation jewelry because they can afford it compared to the real gold. Reason being, they are cost effective, they match with your costumes and even if you misplace them it would be no loss.This concept is not only used by the middle class family but has got its place in higher society as well. There are many professional designers in the market who have come up with the great idea. They have taken this market to a great sky level with their creativity.
Now is trend for Indo western, designer have put their ideas to various material available, and make unique pieces by mix and match. They intricate the design and create a new piece out of it. All they do is – take traditional design, add colorful beads and give a marvelous look to it.From a small piece of jewelry to a big set some or the other material would be available in each and every woman’s house. And you are never satisfied with one, so you would also feel like grabbing a new piece that’s available in the market.Imitation is always going to be in trend. Gorgeous women would never be satisfied with what they have in their wardrobe; they would always look for a new item available in the market and get it at home. It is going to be one of the hot topics amongst women.

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