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More About Kundan Jewelry

Artificial & Imitation Kundan Jewellery collection online 


A stunning feature of traditional Indian culture is the eye-catching jewellery and ornamentation. One such exquisite gem that adorns Indian jewellery is the kundan.


The subject, designs, and styles of the Indian jewellery collection have changed over the years in accordance with the newest era's trends and consumer expectations. Despite a tremendous change, Indian jewellery, especially modern pieces, nevertheless retains its original appeal and spirit. The process of purchasing jewellery has changed throughout time as well. Jewelry shopping has gone through all of these stages, from visiting physical stores to Lalajis delivering a handpicked assortment during house visits to checking out and buying jewellery online. There is no need to seek further if you want to buy Kundan artificial jewellery online—just go to swarajshop.


The exquisite assortment of regal Kundan jewellery that Swarajshop offers includes Kundan stud earrings, Kundan maang tikka with earrings, Kundan Jhumka earrings, necklaces, bangles, and more. Swarajshop  is one of the most prestigious Kundan Jewellery Suppliers in India and abroad thanks to its regally-sophisticated, handmade, premium-quality jewellery.


Kundan jewellery is really stunning since it exudes a sense of nobility on its wearer. Kundan is a distinctive assortment of glass fragments encrusted with gold. According to legend, it is said to have started in the royal courts of Gujarat and Rajasthan before thriving greatly in Delhi courts during the Mughal Empire.


From generation to generation, Kundan jewellery has gained appeal and a following that has only grown exponentially over time. Why not, then? Kundan bestows the wearer with gracious elegance, royal authority, and regality. Even a straightforward necklace can improve the wearer's pleasure.


Kundan jewellery is available in a variety of styles, including: All of the jewellery is hand-crafted with art and love using vilandi kundan, pachi kundan, parab kundan, and different combinations of beads, patwa work, etc.


A manufacturer, wholesaler, supplier, and exporter of exquisite, high-end Kundan jewellery with elaborate patterns and meticulous craftsmanship, Swarajshop. Swaraj Store is one of the top makers and suppliers of Kundan jewellery, offering everything from delicate and hefty necklace sets to antique earrings with American diamond accents. With Swarajshop, a large selection of Kundan jewellery, including earrings, pendant sets, nath, Kundan maang tikka, and substantial Kundan bridal sets, is offered at wholesale prices. Visit us to discover a gorgeous selection of upscale Kundan jewellery at discount rates.


For its esteemed clients, Swaraj Store  provide a comprehensive selection of Kundan jewellery. Almost every type of traditional and contemporary jewellery from India is included in the collection. The Kundan jewellery collections are appealing and great for both gifts and personal usage due to the variety of patterns. A woman's look is made more beautiful by the variety of this form of jewellery. Any lady, regardless of her age, can choose from the vivid Kundan collection. You can get all the information about Kundan jewellery here. View these collections to get a brand-new perspective on jewellery purchasing.


the reason for purchasing Kundan jewellery from Swarajshop


One of the top products made by Swarajshop is jewellery made of kundan. The main draws are the various variations of jewellery made from Pachi, Vilandi, and Parab kundans. Anyone will be impressed by the intricate work and original patterns. The level of craftsmanship is unmatched. The appeal of kundan jewellery is distinctive. Such Kundan jewellery also has remarkable purposefulness.


The new generation of costume or fashion jewellery is intended to be represented by kundan jewellery. The Indian ornament market is currently booming and thrilling due to the regal appearance of such expensive jewellery. Modern ladies like experimenting with different styles of jewellery, stones, plating, and other elements. The workmanship and perfection of Kundan jewellery is what gives it its uniqueness. The reputable company provides an extensive selection of stunning costume jewellery.


Jewelry from Swarajshop Kundan is reasonably priced.


An outstanding selection of Kundan jewellery is offered by Swarajshop at competitive prices. Being wholesalers, we have a great potential for our clients to offer goods at the most competitive prices. If you decide to acquire it from Swarajshop, kundan jewellery may be your finest future investment. Both the pricing and the product's quality will be remarkable. So it goes without saying that the greatest place to buy jewellery in India, whether it be for retail or wholesale, is Swarajshop. We will offer online doorstep delivery to the address of your choice. Additionally, we ship our goods outside of India.


Different Kundan Jewelry Styles


The selection of Kundan jewellery is wide-ranging. Additionally, the designs are admirable. The royal diamond of India served as the inspiration for the majority of the Kundan collections. It complements any ethnic attire really well. You are thus equipped to rock the wedding celebration once you get it on.


Additionally, it is the ideal present for a contemporary bride who wishes to coordinate her jewellery with the outfit. A good assortment of Kundan jewellery is therefore appropriate for creating a more put-together appearance on a party night. Following are listings and descriptions of Swarajshop Kundan jewellery.


Necklace Kundan


One of the most beautiful collections at Swaraj Shop is the Kundan Necklace series. Comparing the pricing to other similar brands in the Indian jewellery market, it is rather fair. Simple necklaces made of Kundan jewellery start at about Rs. 705/-. Every necklace has a corresponding set of earrings. For a bride, the designer collections are fantastic. And it may be used as party attire. Thus, it is a variety of stylish jewellery that you must try. To get your favourite artwork, visit the website.


Set of Kundan Pendants


The Kundan pendant set is a wonderful assortment of exquisite and chic jewellery. For each piece of jewellery in this category, Swarajshop offers the greatest pricing. For any jewellery collector, this Kundan jewellery pendant set is pretty striking. The pendant set's adaptability is unquestionably the deciding factor. The majority of the pendant sets include stone accents. Each pendant set comes with a set of complementary earrings to complete the look. This jewellery may be purchased for as little as Rs. 425. Additionally, the designer assortment is slightly more expensive. However, customer satisfaction promises to astonish you with such a distinctive selection. The designer selection includes stones and beads in a variety of colours. 


Bangles in Kundan


For any Indian woman, kundan bangles are a necessary piece of costume jewellery. You can find dreamy Bangles in the Kundan jewellery collection. Everything is offered with this assortment, from bridal attire to everyday wear. The ideal wedding present options are these bracelets. These bracelets come with a gold plating option. There are few openable bangles. The designer collection's detailed work merits viewing. On the Swarajshop website, these bangles come in a variety of colours and stones.


Earrings Kundan

There is a large selection of Kundan jewellery earrings at Swarajshop. Such lovely earrings have a modest beginning price for thrifty buyers. And they come in premium materials and patterns. In this assortment of replica jewellery, earrings come in many different varieties. These include of shirts, jhumkis, short earrings, etc. There is a gold plating option for these earrings. Any bridal attire may be paired with the premium selection. These distinctive designs of earrings were the result of years of work by Swarajshop's jewellery designers.


Mangalsutra Kundan


Jewelry made to look like bridal jewellery must have mangalsutra. And if you want to appear stunning on your wedding day, the Kundan collection is a stunning option. The Kundan line is intended for contemporary brides. And now you have achieved your long-held goal. So stop staring at the dull mangalsutra patterns. And for a spellbinding appearance on your big day, purchase a Kundan Mangalsutra from Swarajshop.

Kada Kundan

One of the most popular pieces of jewellery among Indian ladies is kundan kada. Kada's upscale selection is really astounding. Additionally, the price range is within reach for the majority of jewellery aficionados. Additionally, Kundan jewellery Kada is an important kind of women's jewellery that honours India's regal dynasties. Therefore, historic patterns are both current and genuine. You may find a wide variety of stone- and gold-studded kadas here to complement your bridal attire. The striking patterns may be adjusted to fit wrists of any size.


Kundan Bracelet


The selection of Kundan jewellery bracelets displays the outstanding and opulent imitation jewellery assortment. The less expensive options are ideal for everyday wear. The more expensive options are suitable for party dress. The premium and exclusive alternatives range in price from Rs. 1499 to Rs. 699. The majority of designer bracelets have colourful beads as a distinctive appeal. The basic range starts from merely Rs.120/-. All of the kundan bracelets have changeable sizes and are gold-plated.


Payal, Kundan


A beautiful imitation of royal payals is the Kundan jewellery Payal. Metal with a gold plating makes up these. Additionally, the Payal's plating is embellished with colourful beads and stones. The elegance of a bride's look will be enhanced by this replica jewellery. These payals are offered by Swarajshop to coordinate with other Kundan jewellery.


Finger Ring in Kundan


A finger ring is always necessary to every jewellery collection. Finger rings made of kundan jewellery are a lovely option for any event. You may choose to provide this option to loved ones. Additionally, the gold-plated finger rings are a part of sets of Kundan jewellery that cannot be separated. Such fashion accessories are beautiful because of the brilliant stones that are set inside of them. The stunning finger rings are the best choice for flaunting a wedding guest style. And these designer finger rings range in price from 120 to 1100 rupees.


Damini Kundan


Kundan Damini is a fantastic option for wedding-related needs. Celebrity hairstylists always wear a Damini with the many bridal hairstyles they showcase. The designs include original and distinctive details. You may select the highest calibre Kundan Damini from the assortment with these explicit Swaraj Shop selections.


The Kundan Tikka


One of Swarajshop's most popular bridal jewellery items is the kundan tikka. On the website, there is a big collection of Kundan Tikka. Every lady who wants to beautify her hairdo has access to a Maang Tikka. Maang Tikka is available for purchase for about Rs. 90. Furthermore, the premium collection ranges from Rs. 300 to Rs. 835. The outfit of the day, or OOTD, that goes with any traditional occasion is ideal with this exquisite Kundan jewellery. Therefore, a Kundan Tikka is an essential piece of jewellery for any lady.


Nose ring with kundan


All kinds of ethnic celebrations are the ideal occasion for a Kundan nose ring. A bride always looks for the most exquisitely crafted nose ring to seem both elegant and spectacular on her wedding day. The ideal option for finishing any wedding guest's stunning appearance is a Kundan nose ring. Additionally, the Kundan nose ring will let you coordinate it with your daily attire. Additionally, it is the best option for brides from the newest generation.


the Pan Kundan


Hath Pan is an important accessory for all brides. Additionally, modern wedding guests adore accessorising with Hath Pan. The finest option for picking it as a party dress item is Kundan Hath Pan. The ideal option for both brides and bridesmaids is Kundan Hath Pan. According to their cost, Kundan Hath Pan's designs are excellent. It is advisable to pair a few Hath Pans with your other Kundan jewellery sets. The party look will be completed by it. Kundan Hath Pans can also be worn with western clothing, such as dresses and gowns with sequins. The Hath Pans are sold at wholesale pricing.


Why should you purchase Kundan jewellery from Swarajshop?

The greatest place to complement your ethnic clothing with jewellery is Swarajshop. In the Indian market, it has changed the meaning and look of authentic Kundan jewellery. Additionally, you may get your top picks online from anywhere in the world.


Your effort to shop for Kundan jewellery online will be reduced. Pay for your online purchases with confidence since we have a secure system in place to guard your private financial information.


The selections we provide are always exceptional and one-of-a-kind. No one but us creates the designs. Our jewellery designers work really hard to provide top-notch models for any Kundan jewellery. In addition, we provide a range of collections to satisfy all of your jewelry-buying desires!


Customer satisfaction is Swarajshop's finest feature. Any client's demands may be met at any time by our customer care service. We respect your experience in purchasing for imitation jewellery from our site.


Jewelry made of kundan: a symbol of regal adornment


We provide the most genuine styles of genuine Kundan jewellery. Every item of jewellery uses custom-made stones and beads. Every piece of jewellery has a certain aura of beauty that may captivate the imagination. Never will a buyer be disappointed after purchasing Kundan jewellery from Swarajshop.


The ornaments from Swarajshop are well worth trying because of their handmade patterns. For the sake of the product's durability, all the decorations are constructed of premium gold plating. Visit the Kundan collection category to purchase from this upscale selection of costume and fashion jewellery.


Kundan Jewelry pioneers a new style.


Jewelry made of Kundan is mesmerising in its regal splendour. There are several varieties of Kundan jewellery that Swarajshop sells. The history of Rajasthani royal brides is where the cultural culture of wedding Kundan jewellery originated. For every wedding occasion, the Kundan set that is offered in the web store is ideal.


Online shopping for faux Kundan jewellery is simple.


Online artificial kundan jewellery purchasing has been simpler because to Swarajshop. In the Kundan jewellery area, we have a significant selection of bridal jewellery. One of the popular accessory varieties to choose from in this category are kundan earrings. Before placing an order, you can select your preferred Kundan set designs and let us know.


Learn about Kundan jewellery sets and their costs.


The necklace and earrings from the Kundan set can be used with other Kundan pieces of jewellery from Swarajshop. The product description and pricing for the kundan set are both displayed. Therefore, purchasing Kundan jewellery online is no longer a headache. The customised bridal Kundan outfits cost more since they are more elaborate. However, this is the highlight of the Kundan jewellery collection.


Prior to placing an order, choose your Kundan set designs.


Picking out your chosen design from the catalogue is simple. You receive the Kundan set pricing after choosing your designs. With online payment choices and swift shipment, purchasing artificial Kundan jewellery online is now lot quicker. Additionally, Kundan bridal jewellery may be customised.


the royal jewellery Kundan


Ancient Indian royalty's first love and the most exquisite sort of jewellery, kundan, has developed over time into the adornment best suited for each glorious moment of life. Kundan is a significant component of Indian traditional jewellery and is said to have started in the western Indian states of Rajasthan and Gujarat during the age of the kings. It then spread to other regions of the nation and finally gained popularity abroad.


The historic history of Indian wealth has been carried on by Swarajshop, who have made it affordable for the middle class.


fresh and original designs


Unique Kundan jewellery is offered by Swaraj Shop and is created by expertly fusing stones with various metals. From the outset, this kind of jewellery captured the hearts of women, and it continues to be a popular choice for brides. Enjoy the greatest Kundan bridal jewellery available online, which helps brides seem more beautiful than ever. You may get the distinctive fusion styles of Kundan jewellery necklace sets from our collection here, which are influenced by both traditional and modern jewellery. We provide innovative jewellery set designs at competitive prices thanks to our highly-skilled manufacturing crew and machine equipped with the newest technologies.


The greatest deals for Kundan jewellery may be found online.


We are one of the leading makers and distributors of Kundan jewellery online, offering the highest calibre Kundan jewellery in large quantities. View the most recent selection of synthetic Kundan jewellery with American diamonds online. Get a wide selection of stone-studded jewellery online, including earrings, pendant sets, necklaces, pendant sets with tikas, and bridal sets, all delivered right to your home at discount prices.


How valuable the Kundan set is


The nicest thing to wear to any celebration or wedding is a Kundan jewellery set. You might also give it to a woman who collects jewellery. The Kundan jewellery is simple to care for.


FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) (Frequently Asked Questions)


Describe Kundan Jewelry.


Gold and precious stones are used to create Kundan jewellery. Additionally, it draws inspiration from India's royal cultures of Rajasthan and Gujarat.


What kinds of artificial gemstone jewellery are offered here?


On our website, we provide a variety of Artificial Kundan jewellery sets for bridal wear. The greatest selections for every buyer are kundan jewellery necklaces, earrings, pendants, bangles, kadas, bracelets, mangalsutra, and so forth.


Which nation enjoys fame and acclaim for its kundan jewellery?


India and other Asian nations are known for their Kundan jewellery sets. However, these beautiful trinkets are becoming very popular in western nations.


What makes a kundan jewellery set the ideal choice for every situation?


Yes! For every event, a kundan jewellery set is the finest choice. You may purchase bridal kundan jewellery for gifts as well. You may now purchase fake kundan jewellery from our store online.


In the bridal kundan jewellery department, what types of jewellery are offered?


Kundan jewellery is versatile synthetic jewellery. This area offers a variety of categories. We provide designs for kundan sets, mangalsutras, kadas, kundan earrings, kundan jewellery sets, bracelets, finger rings, nose rings, bracelets, payals, tikkas, and mangalsutras, among other items.


Can you purchase kundan earrings for everyday use in the Kundan Jewellery section?


Anyone may select their preferred replica jewellery sets from the Kundan collection, from working ladies to newlyweds. Sets of Kundan jewellery include exquisite patterns. It will enhance how beautiful you seem.


What distinguishes Kundan jewellery from other kinds of ornaments?


Unlike other decorations, Kundan jewellery sets contain valuable stones and diamonds. Additionally, these have beads. It is a lovely item to own because of the colourful stones and diamonds! Additionally, the metal and stone combination is stunning.


What distinguishes Kundan jewellery from other types?


Our Kundan ornaments are of unmatched quality. To create such exquisite decorations, we use the highest grade diamonds and stones available. The eye-catching feature of these counterfeit jewellery sets is the high quality of the stones.


Is Kundan Jewelry long-lasting?


The Swaraj shop's Kundan set design is robust. You may wear it frequently if you take good care of it. Our jewellery specialists will provide you with some instructions on how to take care of Kundan bridal jewellery and daily wear jewellery sets.


Best imitation & Artificial Kundan Jewellery Shop Online


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